"Outreach in Virtual Worlds"

Fall 2021. With support from the American Astronomical Society.

Outreach in Virtual Worlds

I produce outreach shows in Virtual Wolds. I worked with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Nautilus magazine on the development of custom virtual worlds.

The Science Mentors

I am a co-founder of a mentoring program that connects undergraduate and graduate students from post-Soviet countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) with mid-career scientists from all over the world. We generate around 120 mentor-mentee pairs each quarter from ~20 countries. Female-to-male ratio is 3/1 and 1/1 among the mentees and the mentors respectively.

My older activities in the area of outreach included:

  • A collection of Jupyter notebooks to teach the basics of analytical models of reionization:https://github.com/cosmicdawn/reionization-primer

  • A basic astronomy course with hands-on tasks in Python that I started to assemble years ago, but never finished.https://bitbucket.org/kaurov/astrolabe

  • My attempt in writing a popular science article:https://medium.com/@kaurov/mapping-the-world-8486b047abb2